How To Cure Panic Attacks

You came here to find out how to cure panic attacks so let’s get right after it shall we?

Panic attacks are sudden surges of extreme anxiety that bring overwhelming fear, physiological arousal and discomfort, along with sickness to the stomach.  These episodes are associated with several cognitive and physical signs and symptoms.

Panic attacks have unknown causes and can occur anytime in a person’s life. They may be triggered by an event, thing or situation.  Although panic attacks can be totally random, they are still falling under a “fight or flight” response. 

This response is known to be a revolutionary response made by a person’s body to stress or threat. The body’s reaction to stress is the release of epinephrine or adrenaline, which serves as defense against harm or danger.

A person who is having recurrent episodes of panic attacks may develop a panic disorder.  This disorder can go along with agoraphobia or not.  Panic disorder is disturbing and can jeopardize the daily activities of a person.  If left untreated, a person with agoraphobia may withdraw himself from the society and get overwhelmed by panic.

It is known that panic can be cured if not prevented.  There are a number of ways to prevent an episode of panic from occurring.

Nevertheless, if a person has already developed the disorder, he may undergo methods on how to cure panic attacks. These methods are an effective means of coping with the disorder and can be undertaken in only a short period.

One common method on how to cure panic attacks is taking medications. Drugs prevent a person from being put in depression. These are used to prevent an attack from occurring.

However, because panic disorder is not a mental illness, drug medication can only do so much for the disorder. In order for a person with panic disorder to fully recover, he must choose between cognitive-behavioral and exposure therapy. 

One type of psychotherapeutic approached used in curing panic disorder is cognitive-behavioral therapy. This is used to resolve the wrong emotions, cognitions and behaviors of a person. The process is all done systematically to reach a specific goal.

Studies have shown that treating panic attacks using this therapy has made significant changes in a person with panic disorder. Almost 85% of the patients overcome panic attack episodes in only eight sessions.

Two components are being used in this therapy – the identification of erroneous cognitions that trigger anxiety and the desensitization of a person from anxiety by being exposed to triggers of panic.

The other effective method on how to cure panic attacks is exposure therapy. In this treatment option, a person with panic disorder will be exposed in a controlled environment that will allow him to experience an episode of panic.

If his disorder is accompanied by agoraphobia, he will also be exposed to his specific fears. By letting a person come face-to-face with his fears, he will be able to see them in a different light; he will realize that these things can cause him no harm. With this treatment option, a person will overcome his phobias, therefore overcoming his panic disorder.

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PS…  Just want you to know that I really believe that you can beat this thing.  No matter what anybody says it won’t be easy but it can be done.  The most important thing that you can do right now is make a decision that your life is going to turn around.  Many people who experience stress in their lives have no goals.  Set some goals for yourself and then begin working towards them right now.  I don’t know if this article has shown you how to cure panic attacks or not.  These are just one persons opinions.  Once again I wish you all the best.

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