How To Control Panic Attacks

If you have tried unsuccessfully to find a cure for panic attacks, it is possible that you may have to instead learn how to control panic attacks. While a cure would eliminate these attacks from your life, controlling them simply allows you to learn to manage and, in some cases, avoid them.

While a cure is, naturally, the ultimate goal, while you seek for that cure it is still a good idea to learn to control panic attacks. There are a few ways to go about this, and some are discussed below.


If you and the person who is treating you think that medication will help to control panic attacks, there are some things to keep in mind. First, medication should not be considered the long term way of dealing with panic attacks. Instead, they should be used on a temporary basis in order to bring you some relief while a more permanent solution is found.

Also, most medications come with possible side effects. You should fully explore and understand all potential side effects before you start taking any medication.

Behavioral Therapy

This is another method of controlling panic attacks that your therapist will likely try. The exact methods of applying this therapy will differ from person to person, but it is less risky than taking medication and often just as effective.

In addition to seeking help to control panic attacks from a professional, there are also ways that you can try and control them on your own.

Learn Your Triggers

Many people who suffer panic attacks will find that there are triggers that set off an attack. While not true for everyone, it is true for most. If you can identify what those triggers are, then you are one step closer to being able to control panic attacks.

Remember, this discussion is about how to control panic attacks, not how to cure them. For that reason, it is acceptable to include avoiding your triggers on the list.

While not a permanent measure, since you do not want to have to tailor your life around avoiding triggers, for some it is a good idea to avoid your triggers while you are working on a more long term solution.

Just Breathe

It sounds so simple, but many have been able to control panic attacks just by learning some simple breathing techniques. During a panic attack, you need to keep your breathing slowed to a normal rate. This will not happen automatically. It is something you will have to make a conscience decision to do.

By doing so, you will help to slow your heart rate and you will get your mind off of the fear and other negative emotions that are part of a panic attack.

Stress Relief

For some, the secret to how to control panic attacks is by reducing the amount of stress that is in their life. Let’s face it, some people are just a bit more high strung than others. For those who tend to internalize their stress, finding a method of release may be life changing.

Something as simple as implementing an exercise routine or practicing yoga could be all it takes to be able to bring your panic attacks under control.

Learning how to control panic attacks is not usually something that happens overnight. Instead it takes a bit of work to find what is most effective for you.

Once you are able to control them, you will think that it was worth all of the effort that it took.

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