Panic Attacks Treatment

Generally, an individual will experience one or two panic attacks in the whole of his lifetime.  A panic attack is caused by the release of adrenaline. Adrenaline is what the body discharges whenever it thinks that it needs to defend itself from harm. Therefore a good panic attacks treatment must be found.

Panic attacks are characterized by episodes of intense fear and anxiety that are made obvious by different physical and emotional symptoms. A person who is having an attack may think that he is having a heart attack or is going to die or become insane. Because of these, a panic attack is viewed to be one of the most frightening and devastating events in a person’s life.

The causes of panic disorder cannot be pinpointed, but it is believed that stress and anxiety cause the disorder. Nevertheless, a panic attacks treatment can be undertaken by an individual to relieve himself from these attacks.

The terror that a person experiences from the attacks does not pose substantial danger to the person; it is actually the body’s defense mechanism to harm. However, because attacks are frightful and overwhelming, any individual who experiences them will want to escape the dread.

A panic attacks treatment can be undergone by an individual so that he may win back his normal life. Panic disorder is highly curable, but in order to assure a speedy recovery, a person must consult his doctor on the onset of the disorder.

There are several ways that serve as panic attacks treatment, but the most effective are cognitive-behavioral therapy and exposure therapy. Taking of medication can also be helpful in dealing with panic attacks.  Anti-depressants help a person cope with stress, thereby limiting the occurrence of panic.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is the most famous form of treatment for panic disorder. In this practice, a person’s thoughts and behavior are examined and refine. There are things that trigger an episode of panic; when a person undergoes cognitive-behavioral therapy, these triggers will be made known and corrected.

Certain behaviors of a person that lead him to experiencing a panic attack will also be corrected. The thinking patterns of a person will be refined and his behavior will be cultured in a way that will make panic go away.

In exposure therapy, a panic disorder patient will be asked to experience the symptoms of panic in a controlled environment. He may be asked to hyperventilate, shake his head or palpitate. This is done in order for him to manage panic attacks accordingly.

A person with panic disorder with agoraphobia will be exposed to his specific fears. He will encounter a few of his phobias in exposure therapy to make him realize that the things he fears can cause relatively no harm to him. In this way, he will be able to see things more realistically.

Any person with panic disorder should not worry about his condition. Nonetheless, he is advised to see a physician so that the treatment that will best suit his situation may be deciphered by himself and his attending doctor.

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