The Cure For Panic Attacks

If you have ever suffered through them, then you understand how important it can be to find a cure for panic attacks. These attacks can be debilitating and, while they often only last a few minutes, they leave the sufferer living in a cloud of fear, wondering when the next one will strike.

Finding a cure for panic attacks is not always very simple. Because the triggers for panic attacks can vary from person to person, so can the cure.  Many who suffer from panic attacks are anxious to try a certain potential cure because it worked well for someone that they know.

It is important to keep in mind that what worked for another might not work for you. Still, it is through such trial and error that many do find the cure for panic attacks that finally brings them relief.

Below are a few ideas for a possible cure for panic attacks.

Self Help/Natural Methods

These are often the best place to start for a few reasons. One reason is that some panic attacks are much more mild than others. Many people do not see a need to see a professional until after they have tried to find a cure for panic attacks on their own.

A couple of examples of self help methods are:

Breathing techniques

Learning to control your breathing at the onset and during a panic attack can help you take control. It also helps you shift your focus from the attack to your breathing.


While not ideal, many find relief by simply avoiding the stimulus that they know to be triggers for their panic attacks. The reason this is not the best choice is that it is, in a way, it is allowing the panic attacks to have a measure of control over you. Still, if you do not feel that avoiding the trigger hinders your quality of life, it is worth a try.


If self help methods do not bring you a cure for panic attacks, you should try to seek the help of a professional. Some avoid this because they think it automatically means taking medication. This is not the case.

The doctor or therapist will work with you to find a cure for panic attacks that both works for you and that you are comfortable with. If you express your hesitation to take medication, it is likely that the therapist will use various therapy techniques to try and put a stop to your panic attacks.

The methods that the therapists chooses to try will depend on many factors, but she will be able to develop a plan that is tailored to your needs and to the triggers that tend to cause your panic attacks.


 When all else fails, a professional may recommend medication for dealing with panic attacks. In most cases, these drugs will not be considered a cure for panic attacks and will not usually be recommended for long term use.

Instead, the use of medication is appropriate when other methods are not working and the patient has a lot of anxiety about the possibility of future attacks.

When medication can reduce or eliminate that anxiety, it frees up both patient and professional to concentrate on finding a true cure for panic attacks.

One thing is sure: You do not have to continue to suffer with panic attacks. While not the same for everyone a cure for panic attacks does exist. You just need to try various methods until you can figure out what works best for you.

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